Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Welcome Fall

I think, feel and believe that my husband and I are embarking on an exciting journey this fall.
We just opened our own business this year after two years of research and putting things together.
See, four years ago, my husband was declared "disabled" due to severe degenerative disks in his lower back. He couldn't walk, sit or stand for long periods of time. He couldn't pass a physical to get hired by anyone due to health insurance. We were living on SSI benefits and what I made. We didn't want to settle for that so we began to strategize on forming our business.
We combined our experience, talents and passions and came up with an extraordinary approach to the custom home building market by combining three products to build the shell of a home.
God has blessed us with some initial success in that we have four homes under contract to go forward.
This morning we just finished our formal marketing presentation. My husband and one of his salesmen are now in a meeting with the General Manager of a huge development in our area. They will be building residential, commercial and retired living facilities in their community.
Very exciting! With God's will, it is time to harvest!
Welcome Fall !


  1. How exciting!! I wish you every success with this venture. That is such a creative way to come up with something new - pool your talents, skills, interests and see what you come up with. Bravo - a great example for the rest of us.

    I have no idea if it applies but you might want to check out John Sarno, M.D.'s approach to back pain - even when it has been diagnosed as degenerative - . His book is The Mind/Body Prescription. There is a post on it from back in June or July on my blog. It costs nothing but the book to apply his 'prescription' and it has helped thousands free themselves from back pain. Could be worth checking out . . . it also is applicable to other kinds of chronic pain.

  2. Thanks Bonnie. I will check out Dr. Sarno's book and your earlier blog for more information. My husband advanced from a wheelchair to a walker to a cane the first year. Three years later, we just bought him a set of Ping golf clubs. He is able now to start playing again after 14 years! Just going a little slower at first. I'm learning to play and so is our son!

  3. Beautiful photos! You are welcome for the dance! :)

  4. Wow is it getting cold out!! I officially hate the snow. I need to move when my kids get out of high school. This is ridiculous. The fall foliage is pretty... but snow is coming soon!!!

  5. How impressive you guy are. Handed a bad deal and turn it into something much better. I pray your success. Four already? sounds like more to come.

    Best wishes for great success.

  6. Two years of research and planning...and now it has come together. How wonderful for you both!
    I pray God's blessings on your new venture.
    Love and smiles from Jackie

  7. I'll keep you and your's in my prayers. The same for your new business. Sending you good thoughts and good vibes here. jan

  8. Hi! Thanks for popping by my blog!! I am loving yours too!!
    How exciting is that!! I wish you huge sucess!! I run two businesses and understand the need to keep that flowing!
    Yes we are a bit over the top with Halloween here too!! Whoo hoo!! Or maybe I should say bwahhahhah..Namaste, Sarah

  9. Hi! It's me again. I love the pun in your comment on my blog. You are a fun follower! Thank you fo coming to see me. I will continue to stop here at your blog...and enjoy doing that very much!
    Smiles from Jackie

  10. Congratulations on your success. What an inspiration you and your husband are. Many wishes for the growth of your business.

  11. Congratulations!! How wonderful. Not to be silly...

    the government should kick you some stimulus money. Sounds like your creating jobs?? Isn't this what the government money is all about. Great work!!!

  12. Ambience...I wanted to say hello to you tonight.
    It's been a quiet day here. I didn't leave the house....but that was OK...very peaceful.
    I send you love and hugs.

  13. I truly admire your fortitude for overcoming such great obstacles.
    Back problems are not an easy thing to live with, day in, day out, I've had lower back surgery on two discs myself.
    Starting your own business, how wonderful, I wish you the best of luck, and much success.